Pink Flamingo Women's Low Back Bra convertor - Single Hook - in a reusable storage pouch

INR 229.00
  • Category: Everyday Bras
  • Brand: PinkFlamingo

A smart solution which allows you to wear your everyday bra under low-backed clothing. You love your new top with the low back, but you just can't find the right bra to go with it. Designed to be worn with a normal 2 strap bra, the Low Back Bra Converter is an extender that pulls your bra strap down, converting it into a low back bra. It gives you to freedom to wear your most comfortable and supportive bras. • Hook-and-eye back closure • Washable and reusable • Hand wash, line dry



  1. Convert your regular bra to wear with your low back dresses
  2. Fix the hook and take the band around your abdomen; Criss Cross and fix the eye to the other end of the bra band
  3. Match the convertor to the bra or the dress to create the look you desire
  4. Handwash, line dry, 1 in a pack
  5. Hook-and-eye back closure; Washable & Re-usable